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Transitioning Adult ESL Students to College

Lijun Shen demonstrates strategies to address the different needs of college-bound adult English learners Many adult learners who study English as a Second Language (ESL)...

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Guatemala, the most populated country in Central America, is situated just south of Mexico and offers an intriguing mix of cool highlands, tropical Caribbean coasts, and dense jungles. The cities are vibrant, beautiful, and brimming with rich Mayan culture, while the people are friendly and hospitable. This stimulating country is an ideal place to be immersed in the Spanish language.

Miguel Angel Asturias Spanish School offers 25 hours of private one-on-one instruction, homestay with all meals, and activities for only $150 USD per week. Using their interactive immersion method, you’ll speak for hours a day and you’ll make vast progress in a short amount of time. In addition to learning the language, you’ll also learn about the realities of life in Guatemala and Latin America, taking away a deeper understanding of this part of the world.

Their teachers have years of experience using the one-on-one immersion method. Having a broad array of specialties and experiences, each one has a unique perspective to lend to in-class discussions of a wide range of topics. Many of their teachers have been with us for 10 years or longer.

Four afternoons a week a different activity stimulates discussion and adventure, while opening your eyes to both the difficulties and the enormous beauty and culture that Guatemala has to offer. A founding principle of their school is to give back to the community, and both of their directors have degrees in economics with a wide variety of experience working with rural communities. They offer you the opportunity to share your own skills, interests, and enthusiasm helping the people of Guatemala, while practicing and improving your Spanish. There is no additional charge to participate.

Their  highly regarded Medical Spanish program combines intensive general Spanish instruction with specialized instruction focused on medical terminology and situations. It’s ideal for doctors, nurses, medical school students, pre-med students, emergency medical technicians, and others in the health care fields.

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At COINED’s School in Guatemala Spanish classes are held in a beautifully remodeled colonial house, within blocks from the Central Square of Antigua. The students get the chance of getting immersed in this unique culture at one of the most picturesque and historical cities in the world. The school also offers comfortable facilities, audio and video room, internet and a cafeteria.

At COINED their priority is to make sure our programs meet your expectations because they understand that your choice to pursue an experiential education entails risk and some degree of adventure. They have a wide variety of courses so that you can choose the one that suits you the best with the advantages of experience-based learning in small groups. Also they offer a minimum of two recreational activities per week so you can submerge in the local culture. You will get qualified and professional teaching. COINED offers you the possibility of obtaining credits in cooperation with various international colleges and universities. They goal is to help you develop the skills and concepts necessary to feel comfortable in any speaking situation.

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Escuela Juan Sisay is located in the city of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Their total immersion program was founded on the principals of not only giving the student sound instruction in the Spanish language but also taking the student beyond the typical tourist perspective of the country. They offer family accommodation and daily cultural activities and trips for total immersion. They limit the size of our student body to provide a more personal and hospitable learning environment. This is not only a school of the Spanish language but also of the Guatemalan culture.

Established 20 years ago, Academia Centroamerica is one of the oldest schools in Antigua. They take pride in their excellent quality language tuition for students of Spanish at all levels. As a student you will be assigned an experienced teacher and, using a variety of teaching methods and materials, this teacher will devise a learning program for you based on your needs. They place emphasis on building your confidence to communicate in Spanish – using plenty of conversational work, supported by written notes and exercises. Wonderful and friendly host families are an excellent way to ensure full immersion of the Spanish language in class and out.

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