First International Conference on Bilingual Education in a Globalized World

    Alcalá de Henares, Spain, May 9-11, 2013

    Instituto Franklin-UAH will host the First International Conference on Bilingual Education in a Globalized World: Comparison between Spain and the United States. This conference aims to be an open forum for debate among specialists and people interested in education, bilingualism and its relationship with other social, cultural, political, economic, linguistic and pedagogical issues.

    The conference is organized around different themes:

    Economic aspects: how are bilingual programs financed in the US and Spain; governmental institutions that participate and how; how will bilingualism be financed in the future?
    Political aspects: the politics of bilingualism in the US and Spain, election campaigns and bilingualism, immigration and bilingualism.

    Social and cultural aspects: changes in the American and Spanish societies due to bilingualism; the challenges that families face and how they are dealing with them.

    Linguistic aspects: teaching American – British English in Spain; teaching Peninsular and Latin American Spanish in the US. Spanglish.

    Psychopedagogical aspects: methods of bilingual education; new technologies; quality seals, learning psychology, methods and models of learning new languages.
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