Three Languages for Catalan University Grads

    The Generalitat of Catalonia announced in April that it would require future university students to have knowledge of a third language to earn a degree. While this new regulation will allow students to choose the language of study, English is highly encouraged.

    “We want to guarantee that none of our students have problems with English when they leave the university,” explained the minister of the economy, Andreu Mas-Colell.

    Students can prove their proficiency in a third language either by taking language courses and taking a university exam, or by testing out of the requirement. For English, the First Certificate would suffice.

    The Catalan government reports that capacities for English have been less than satisfactory, and places the blame on little instruction at the elementary and secondary levels.

    A similar initiative failed in 2008. However, if it is implemented this time, demand for language training will increase and private language schools will benefit greatly.



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