July 2013

    July 2013 Cover

    Recognizing U.S. Spanish
    Armando Guerrero recommends decisive action to stop the exclusion of the American Spanish vernacular in the classroom

    Cutting to the Common Core: Decoding Complex Text
    Rebecca Blum-Martínez offers a strategy to help English learners cope with the more complex language requirements of the Common Core

    Teaching to the Letter of the Law
    Arlene Ortiz and Shirley Woika examine the legal obligations to educate English language learners in the U.S.

    Seeing with Spanish Eyes: Spanish Audiovisual Recommendations
    Musetta Reed and Lauren Rovin use film and TV to bring authentic content into the classroom

    Brazil Beckoning
    As the Brazilian economy booms, opportunities for Portuguese speakers abound, and picking it up may be easier than you think

    Destination Bahia
    Clara Ramos explains why so many American students choose Salvador to learn Portuguese

    Portuguese for Spanish Speakers
    Overcoming Portuñol/Portunhol

    In Search of Duende / Spanish Schools Offering Flamenco
    Daniel Ward believes that flamenco is key to understanding the passion of Spanish

    Reviews Lebanese Expressed

    Last Writes Richard Lederer looks to the heavens for explanation