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French Cinema on Demand

movie clapper on green background cinemaTV5MONDE USA has launched the first video-on-demand (VOD) cable platform devoted entirely to French-language films in twelve major markets on Comcast systems around the U.S. It will be available to Comcast customers who are subscribers of the TV5MONDE USA linear channel. An average of 15 movies will be offered each month. The service will offer some of the biggest titles produced by such well-known French-language cinema production and distribution companies as TF1 International, Films Distribution, Pathé, Le Pacte, BAC Films, Pyramide, Le Petit Bureau, Celluloïd Dreams, and Les Films du Losange.

Yves Bigot, the general manager of TV5MONDE, said: “Throughout its history, TV5MONDE has celebrated French-language cinema throughout the world, and the launch of this new service — another important benchmark for the channel — is a natural expansion of our entertainment offerings in the U.S.

“Together, TV5MONDE and TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand will now deliver a uniquely inclusive programming package to our Comcast subscribers that offers convenience and the best in French-language cinema, including select U.S. premieres.”


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