Hansa Language Centre

Hansa Language Centre has been teaching languages to adult students from around the globe since 1969. It is one of Canada´s largest and most respected language schools. Its two campuses are just steps from the Eglinton Subway station in the heart of Toronto, one of the safest and most multicultural cities in the world.

English programs are based on the principle that students learn best in a language program that can be customized to their unique linguistic needs and goals. Hansa uses a “Flexible Learning System” and offers over 300 classes daily. Students have the freedom to choose the classes they want at the time they want while benefiting from the advice of experienced counselors, the instruction of accredited native English-speaking teachers, and the choice of a variety of subjects. Students meet regularly with counselors to discuss their study program and progress. Tests and interviews are scheduled to monitor progress and determine when class changes are needed.

The school is a member of Languages Canada and it offers a great selection of courses from beginner to advanced focusing on conversation, grammar, vocabulary, idioms, listening, reading, writing and phrasal verbs. Business English, TOEFL, IELTS and Academic Preparation are also included.
Hansa can also arrange several services for students such as homestay, Academic Pathways, booking proficiency exams, trips and activities and among others.



  1. my name is Misael and I am looking for a some help to learn a perfectly English because i would like to speak very well in English I’ve been looking for a place like this i hope that you guys….i hope that you guys can help me with what i need

  2. Good morning!
    In october I will stay in Toronto to visit my daughter. I can study ingles for 01 month.
    My e.mail is [email protected].
    I wait your informations .
    Thank you very much !

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