September 2014

    September 2014 Cover

    Testing Reformed
    Lance Knowles explains how advances in technology and cognitive neuroscience allow us to assess and modify the quality of learning and practice

    Animating All Kids
    Gregory van Zuyen reports on the way Terry Thoren and Rudy Verbeeck are using cartoons to help teach language skills and learning habits in class

    Arabic for America
    Carine Allaf outlines the benefits and challenges of learning Arabic at K–12

    Arabic at Large
    They may be at opposite ends of the Arab world, but both Morocco and Oman offer international students the cultural experience of a lifetime within safe environments

    Grading in a Perfect World
    Myron Dueck, Paul Thomas, and Melissa Tomlinson offer their ideas of testing utopia

    Testing Form and Function
    Tests come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so here’s a reference guide to help supervisors, administrators, and teachers choose Common Core–aligned assessments

    Last Writes Richard Lederer and Caroline McCullagh on a star-spangled bicentennial

    Reviews Jobshop Source and more.