Study Abroad in Buenos Aires With Elebaires

women in buenos airesIn the heart of Buenos Aires, Elebaires offers Spanish immersion programs of varying lengths including both private and group lessons year round, excursions, support services, social and cultural activities, and skill workshops such as tango and photography.

The school provides local homestays with Argentine students or families, as well as internship and volunteer placements to complement courses. They offer special programs such as Spanish and Volunteer, Spanish and Medicine, and Spanish and Tango, as well as customized content courses for high schools. By emphasizing the importance of actually living in Argentina like a true porteño, letting students experience and participate in Argentine culture rather than just observing it, Elebaires really sets itself apart from other Spanish organizations abroad and is thus expanding considerably.

It is a Certified Spanish School by SEA (Asociación de Centros de Idiomas de Argentina) and has university accreditation to provide international transcripts for college or university students.


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