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Background Knowledge and Where to Get It

Stephen Krashen argues that those who read more know more Wexler (2023) has pointed out that a reader’s background knowledge is a significant predictor...
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July 2017

Inside Language Magazine July 2017 Issue

The Case for Comprehensible
Stephen Krashen
provides the evidence to support his hypothesis of second-language acquisition

Being Multilingual: Making My Dreams Come True
Liliana Isabella Honeywood Sánchez, sixth grade, writes poetry and an essay about her multilingual experience

Speaking Spanish
Vista Higher Learning’sNorah Lulich Jones explains how their new Senderos program gets students speaking in class

The Future of French in Europe and Beyond
Kathy Stein-Smith asks what the real story is on the French/English language dynamic in the European Union

Portuguese through an Independent Lens
Kristal Bivona examines an approach to overcome the inherent imperialism of European language education

Academic Language Matters
Scott B. Freiberger faces the challenge of helping English learners get the right register

Study Abroad
Faculty-led trips to Central and South America are a new trend in overseas language learning

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