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Celebrate Mother Language Day

The idea to celebrate International Mother Language Day was the initiative of Bangladesh. It was approved at the 1999 UNESCO General Conference and has been observed throughout...
HomenewsWorldTaiwan Launches “Mandarin-on-the-Go”

Taiwan Launches “Mandarin-on-the-Go”

night scene of Taipei Mandarin-on-the-GoTaiwan’s Ministry of Education has announced Mandarin-on-the-Go, a new language-learning program for those wanting to learn Mandarin. Chinese language centers and universities are working with the Ministry of Education to promote study tours where students going to Taiwan can learn Mandarin through interactive study abroad programs. The language and travel packages aim to teach the language in a more hands-on approach in the hopes that the interactive element will help students absorb more of the language.

“’Mandarin On-the-Go’ links culture with real life, and it brings learners and social environments, “travelling” and “learning” together. It puts participants in real environments where they can use the language they’re learning to engage socially: “learning by using Mandarin in daily life”. This also makes it possible for tourism to give a greater sense of understanding and connection rather than superficial impressions. Participants will remember more of what they see and hear, and treasure the increased meaning and pleasure of travel,” the Ministry of Education says on their website.

Each tour has a planned schedule with activities that aim to teach students not only about Taiwan’s culture, but useful vocabulary as well. For instance, the Changhua-Lukang five day package incorporates different tasks each day, such as shopping, ordering items, learning about literature, visiting temples, and learning about traditional cultures.

The packages are: “Enjoying Lifestyle in Taipei,” “Hualien Mini Trip,” “Traveling Changhua-Lukang Township,” and “Let’s Fun Kaohsiung.”

Those interested in the program can visit the Taiwan Ministry of Education website here.

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