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Background Knowledge and Where to Get It

Stephen Krashen argues that those who read more know more Wexler (2023) has pointed out that a reader’s background knowledge is a significant predictor...
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Online Pre-AP Spanish Program

The Virtual High School, a nonprofit that supplies schools with online learning programs, now offers Spanish 3. The year-long online course builds on the skills students have developed in Spanish 1 and 2 and is a pre-AP course.

Semester 1 begins with a review of Spanish 1 and 2 skills, including strategies for reading and comprehending Spanish texts. As the year progresses, students will continue to develop their vocabulary through the use of varied listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities. Each of the ten units will incorporate at least one of the six AP themes outlined by the College Board: beauty and aesthetics, global challenges, families and communities, personal and public identities, science and technology, and contemporary life.

Students participate in discussions related to cultural topics and other course material, complete written and speaking activities, listen to authentic Spanish audio and video files, practice reading authentic and relevant materials, and engage in collaborative projects. All vocabulary units and student projects directly correspond to the aforementioned themes.

Throughout the course, students gain insight into Spanish and Hispanic cultures and discuss relevant and engaging subject matters.

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