November 2017

    The International Benefits of Language Education Michael Nugent, Martha “Marty” Abbott, Esther Brimmer, and Sanford J. Ungar discuss the importance of language education to the U.S. on the international stage

    Elevating Investment in California’s Youngest Alejandra Campoverdi advocates investing in pre-K initiatives, including dual-language programs, for California’s most at-risk children

    The Amazing Case of El Biblioburro Lori Langer de Ramirez uses the world language classroom to broaden students’ knowledge of geography and introduce sociocultural concepts like social justice

    The Rise of Women through the Birth of Languages Jenna Lau reveals the secrets of Nushu and Hiragana, languages emblematic of Chinese female empowerment and sisterhood

    When Literacy Gets Critical Lina Sun provides a rationale for integrating peace education into the English curriculum through graphic novels

    Translating to Work in the USA Elizabeth Ricci and Michael Launer provide an update on U.S. immigration options for translators and interpreters under the Trump administration

    Making the Most of Europe Students (and teachers) should take advantage of the many travel deals on offer to see as much as they can of this diverse continent