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Zombielandia Brings Reading to Life

Many resources for learning a second language can be unengaging and repetitive, like learning foods and animals. The award-winning book Planet Zombielandia does the exact opposite of that and is hilarious, fun, and a valuable tool for reinforcing beginning vocabulary and reading comprehension. The story is available in both English and Spanish at beginning levels in print and digital and follows a zombie outbreak on earth. The book is genuinely funny and features quirky illustrations. Beginner-level students will be able to follow along with easy-to-read language as well as learn new vocabulary in a casual way.

Planet Zombieland was unanimously selected for the Parent and Teacher Choice Award. This short reader teaches beginning language learners through story telling by use of high-frequency vocabulary. It’s highly recommended for any student school-age to adult who wants to learn English, Spanish or French.

“We love that the Planet Zombieland Activity Workbook is open-ended so that students get to continuously write their own ending. It also includes numerous games to personalize the learning at each step for the learner so they remain fully engaged. Highly recommended by the Parent and Teacher Choice Award team to anyone – parents or teachers, teaching English or Spanish with the intent to help students acquire a new language.”   


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