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Children’s Rights to Read Pledge

More than 1,000 individuals and organizations, representing over 50 countries; 30 organizations; 20 schools, districts, and universities; and 175,000 students, have pledged support to the International Literacy Association’s (ILA) Children’s Rights to Read initiative. The global movement focuses on making sure that every child has access to the education, opportunities, and resources needed to read.

Supporters have pledged to enact ILA’s Children’s Rights to Read—ten fundamental rights ILA asserts that every child should have. The yearlong campaign will focus on activating educators, policymakers, and literacy partners to join.

in their efforts to raise awareness of these rights.

“Exceeding 1,000 supporters demonstrates the momentum and unity around our vision of literacy for all,” says executive director Marcie Craig Post. “Now we’re focused on channeling this momentum into action.”

Organizations that have signed the pledge include Child Smile Liberia, Kids Own Australian Literature Awards Inc., Poetry Ireland, the Taiwan Reading Association, the American Eagle Institute, DisruptED, and the British Virgin Islands Reading Council. Individual supporters span a wide spectrum of ages, backgrounds, professions, and expertise. More than 50 countries are represented overall.

“I commend the efforts of ILA for igniting the flame of such a critical movement,” says Stephen G. Peters, superintendent of Laurens County School District 55 and current ILA board member. “[It] will create multiple pathways for success for millions of children across the world.”

As part of the ongoing campaign, ILA will be developing and distributing practical resources that educators can use to enact these rights in their classrooms, schools, and communities. The first, The Case for Children’s Rights to Read, is available now. Visit to download “Children’s Rights to Read,” available in eight languages, and sign the pledge in support.

Alina O’Donnell is the communications strategist at ILA and the editor of Literacy Daily. 

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