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Interactive Display Bridges Physical and Digital Learning

At the Texas Computer Education Association Annual Conference (TCEA) in February, SMART Technologies released the latest versions of its interactive displays with ToolSense™ technology, which bridges physical and digital learning by incorporating tactile tools. Available on the SMART Board® 6000S series, the technology is exclusive to SMART. Fundamental to this new technology is that it’s intuitive, so users can just pick up the pen or object and interact with the board. The interactive display automatically recognizes a physical object and produces a digital interaction.

“The possibilities of the ToolSense platform are quite literally endless,” said Nicholas Svensson, SMART Technologies executive VP and operations officer. “The vision is to innovate specific tool sets for all education levels and subjects based on curricula and student abilities. The fact that we can incorporate tactile learning objects brings a new level to hands-on learning in the classroom and makes it accessible for everyone.” SMART has also released the enhanced SMART Board MX series, a high-value display with all the interactive essentials, and the SMART Board 7000R series, designed to provide the most precise writing experience for complex subjects and detailed content. All three series incorporate the most recent advancements from SMART, providing quality touch, ink, and embedded iQ Android™ computing experiences. All SMART Board interactive displays include free SMART Notebook® basic-version learning software and a bonus one-year subscription to SMART Learning Suite.

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