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In Memoriam: Ivannia Soto

Ivannia Soto was an exemplary scholar-practitioner. Her scholarly contributions are impressive and include 14 published books, but perhaps even more impressive was her dedication...

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EveryLibrary offers free resources and tips during the social distancing era

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak is having a global impact, and affecting local communities. Staff in public libraries of all types, locations, and sizes are learning the facts about this public health crisis and helping to inform their patrons. 

Like schools and other public buildings, public libraries should be closed, but EveryLibrary’s mission of sharing information goes unchanged.

EveryLibrary, a 501c4 organization that builds voter support and advocates for public funding for libraries, is answering the call providing resources and tips for families looking for free elearning sites, separating fact from fiction about COVID-19, and tips how to be productive for all.

“Your local library is a great place to turn for information about COVID-19, the disease caused by the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). Not only are libraries a trusted source of vetting information, there is a long history of libraries as a destination for answers to health questions.” says John Chrastka, EveryLibrary Executive Director.

Online Resources Libraries have always been there for people in times of need or crisis, whether it is in person, over the phone, or online. As parents face the uncertainties of school closings and the disruption or cancellation of children’s activities due to social distancing, it is comforting to know that your local public library can still be of service to you even from the safety of your own home and free of charge.

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