Complimentary access to SMART Learning Suite Online

SMART Learning Suite Online enables students to connect remotely to live lessons delivered by teachers and engage in real-time with lesson activities. For more than just participation – true virtual collaboration. Access the suite anytime, anywhere – even at home. Students can access and contribute from any web-enabled computer, tablet or phone.

Collaborative Workspace activities empower students to work together from home on a shared digital canvas to co-create, add content and problem solve. Shout It Out activities enable students to send text and images from their devices to a lesson. Teachers can then rearrange, organize, and discuss contributions.

As school closures and schedules shift, lesson planning and learning can happen uninterrupted, anytime and on any device. Cloud-based classrooms powered by SMART Learning Suite Online easily enables student collaboration breaking down the barriers of distance learning with:

  • interactive, flexible lesson delivery
  • collaborative workspaces
  • game-based activities
  • formative assessments
  • integrations with familiar workflows including Google and Microsoft
  • and more

Please sign-up here for full access to SMART Learning Suite Online ( at no cost. This will give you and your students access to powerful tools for active distance learning and lesson creation and delivery on any device including Chromebook™ computers. At there are also several resources to help quickly train teachers on how to best use SMART Learning Suite Online in a remote learning environment, as well as offer ideas, lesson plans and support.