Read Naturally Offering No-Cost Trial for Striving Readers

Utilizing the Read Naturally Strategy on a web-based platform, Read Live can be used anywhere students have internet access and an appropriate device. It is well-suited to providing an effective reading intervention in classroom, blended learning, and distance learning models.


  • Work mostly independently with extensive with audio support.
  • Build fluency, increase accuracy, and improve expression.
  • Strengthen comprehension, expand vocabulary, and develop automaticity in decoding.
  • Experience gains quickly and develop confidence as learners.
  • Take ownership of their success and are held accountable for their work.

Read Naturally Live…

  • Enables easy differentiation for students of all ages and instructional levels.
  • Includes a motivating, game-like scoring system
  • Provides built in progress monitoring – assessment without additional testing.
  • Features interesting information text for nonfiction reading opportunities.
  • Delivers extensive reports with actionable data for making instructional decisions.

Visit to start your 60-day trial.


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