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Home Edition Playsets

Square Panda, creators of a multisensory literacy platform for students in grades PreK–1, is giving schools five free Home Edition Playsets for every School Edition Playset they purchase with a Square Panda Literacy System site license through October 30, 2020.

To support emerging readers at home, every school that purchases a site license will receive five times more playsets designed to provide extra learning at home or as a flexible support for distance learning, blended learning, or any of the myriad ways schools will reopen for the year. Each school is eligible for up to 1,000 free playsets. Targeted to students in grades PreK-1 and focused on important early phonics lessons, Square Panda allows children to work independently, while teachers can monitor progress from a distance, making it a perfect tool to support students whether they’re attending classes in person, online, or if they just need additional support.

The Square Panda Literacy System teaches children foundational literacy skills such as phonological awareness, phonics, spelling, and print concepts as they play. Using smart letters, the playset pairs with most iOS or Android tablets or smartphones to support students and personalize learning as children identify letters, spell out words, and learn to read. Square Panda offers a complimentary onboarding webinar and ongoing customer support for educators and parents. The platform also includes access to a teacher or parent portal for progress monitoring at home or at school.

“With our multisensory, adaptive literacy system now available for use at home, it’s easy and fun for parents and students to engage in systematic phonics instruction and simple for teachers to monitor student progress remotely,” said Andy Butler, CEO of Square Panda.

Educators can learn more or take advantage of the free Home Edition Playset offer here.

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