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Paraguay Offers Korean in Schools

Starting this year, middle and high school students in Paraguay can learn Korean as a second foreign language subject, according to the Ministry of...

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AI-Powered Learner Record

TerritoriumCLR is an AI-powered comprehensive learner record that captures all aspects of learning into a complete competencies and skills transcript. Certified by IMS and with more than nine million users worldwide, TerritoriumCLR creates a lifelong record of achievement, helping K–12 and higher-education students optimize their education and careers. Administrators and teachers have the solution needed to drive competency-based learning and stand apart from their peers by supporting better learning and career outcomes. 

By harnessing AI, TerritoriumCLR is able to rapidly map and analyze every on- and off-campus learning experience into the granular competencies and skills that reflect true learning—not just grades and badges. This enables TerritoriumCLR to recommend courses, learning experiences, and job pathways tailored to a student’s interests and needs, putting them in position for a more successful career.

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