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Instructional Audio Solutions for All Students and Educators

Lightspeed, a provider of powerful instructional audio solutions, has released research showing that instructional audio solutions benefit all student groups and educators beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. With mask mandates and social distancing in place around the nation, instructional audio solutions play a critical role—projecting educators’ voices and ensuring every student can hear and understand what’s being asked of them. Though necessary to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, face masks muffle sound—increasing the difficulty for educators to relay information and for students to hear and understand their teachers.
However, decades of research, including the Mainstream Amplification Resource Room Study conducted and certified by the US Department of Education, note that a variety of student groups benefit from instructional audio, including students with learning loss, students in the back of classrooms, students with learning differences, and multilingual learners. At Simi Valley Unified School District in California, educators using instructional audio solutions reported ease of speaking and greater vocal endurance—as well as decreased fatigue and greater voice clarity. Some of the district’s more soft-spoken educators reported an increase in energy because they were no longer straining their voices to be heard.

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