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In Fall 2022, Whittier College’s Teacher Education program launched their online bilingual authorization program (BILA). In year 1, the program was initially fully asynchronous,...

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STAMP Tests Approved for College Credit

Avant Assessment, who delivered the world’s first online, computer-adaptive language proficiency test, has received approval for its Avant STAMP 4S to qualify for college credit by the American Council on Education (ACE). All 14 languages offered in the four-skill STAMP 4S tests have been recommended by the same educational body that has provided credit recommendations to institutions of higher education for College Board Advanced Placement (AP) examinations, Cambridge Assessments, and ACT subject tests. This provides opportunities for students to earn credit or be placed in higher-level courses to advance their language skills.

Included in the approved languages is the newly released STAMP Spanish Monolingual test, an assessment offered with the instructions, questions, and prompts all in Spanish. Spanish Monolingual is primarily used to assess the Spanish proficiency level of Spanish heritage speakers. Students attaining at least a novice-high level are eligible to receive an ACE-verified badge through Credly, ACE’s badging partner. The designation may be submitted to universities to request credit and/or advanced placement, added to resumes or social media profiles, and provided to employers as proof of proficiency. Awarding of credit is at the discretion of the individual college or university. Avant partners with institutions in both K–12 and higher education to bridge the gap between language learning in high school and college-level language programs—encouraging students to continue their language education far beyond the novice levels.

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