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Novakid Grows Rapidly

Novakid, one of Europe’s leading online English platforms for children, increased its presence in the Asia-Pacific region and conducted 2.8 million lessons in the first half of 2022. During the same period, Novakid strengthened its position in 49 markets. The company’s current client portfolio in Europe accounts for 70% of its total client portfolio, with Romania as a new growth market in Europe.

The Middle East and North Africa account for 14% of the portfolio (2% increase since the end of 2021). The Asia-Pacific countries (Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea) now represent almost 16%. The client base in the region has grown twice over compared to the beginning of the year. The most significant results are demonstrated in South Korea (34%) and Japan (78%). According to an in-house white paper, the Novakid Magic Academy, which forms part of the Novakid Game World, has proven its effectiveness with regard to the learning outcomes of young students: the average learning performance rate is 12% higher after a minimum of four months of lessons, resulting in a 39% better learning performance for students enrolled in the Level I Novakid Magic Academy ESL course.

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