January 2011

Digital Edition Flipbooks

January 2011 Cover

January 2011 marks the date changes were made in Language Magazine‘s formatting of flipbook editions. Previously, we were using an outside provider whose flipbook editions of our magazine have been erased. In February 2011, we began using software purchased from flipbuilder.com that has allowed us to format the flipbooks to our specifications.

Part of our mission is to continue our efforts to catalog past issues into digital format. In doing so we hope to provide better access to reference material than what the technology allowed for at the time. The Language Magazine library contains a limited number of past print copies for sale. Please refer to our online archives page for issue reference. Each cover page link in our public archive goes to a page containing the editorial column and the content listings of the magazine published that month; much like what is listed here for January 2011. Many of the content listings also link to full stories of the issue. If you have a specific request regarding past editions, please contact [email protected] with your request.


How Can We Improve our Linguistic or Literacy Skills?

Every January, experts in our field share their opinions on how we should tackle an issue of importance in the New Year

Sowing Success

Kathy Pon, Irma Bravo Lawrence and Arturo Duran describe how a charter school in California’s Central Valley has reaped the benefits of becoming completely dual-language

¡Ya Estamos en el Futuro!

Language Magazine’s guide to the latest innovations for the Spanish classroom

Colorful Speech

Alan Kennedy explains how the perception of color in different languages reveals cultural diversity

Last Writes Richard Lederer on JFK’s stylish speech

Plus all the latest news in language learning technology, book reviews, and source information on language funding