April 2020 Inside the Issue

The Power of Prior Knowledge
Gene Kerns finds that this year’s What Kids Are Reading report supports the idea that familiarity with a topic can help even struggling readers read more
How to Succeed in Distance Education Tom Beeman offers expert advice on teaching from afar
The digital divide leaves millions at a disadvantage during the coronavirus pandemic Gregory Porumbescu highlights the dangers created by the lack of universal internet access
Reading Showcase Interesting resources to inspire a lifelong love of reading
Teacher Resources Michelle Zimmerman explores how artificial intelligence (AI) can facilitate communication and storytelling and, thus, learning
Italian Lessons Lara Statham shares her experience in Italy of what COVID-19 is showing us about teaching online
From Monolingualism to Multilingualism: Breaking Down the Wall One Essential Shift at a Time Ivannia Soto and Margo Gottlieb in conversation with Dan Alpert
Building a Community of Year-Round Readers Claire Kliss believes that getting students excited about reading requires a commitment to building (and feeding) a community