Casa Xalteva

Casa Xalteva is a local Spanish school and a non-profit organization founded in 1995 in Granada, Nicaragua. As a Spanish school, Casa Xalteva offers classes with local teachers and Spanish immersion to every student from around the world, as well as services that include accommodation with local families, excursions, cultural activities and volunteer opportunities with our children’s program and teenagers. Currently, Casa Xalteva serves 15 chavalos , all of whom receive learning materials, help with homework, vocational training, arts/ crafts and recreational activities and more. The most important things for us at Casa Xalteva is that everyone feels like family and that we cultivate the values ​​of love, respect, and friendship.

Our Spanish immersion program consists of Spanish classes, family accommodation, volunteer work and day trips with our tour guide, Andrés. You can experience all aspects of our immersion experience or just one. But just know that when he comes to learn and live with us, he supports the educational, social and community growth of Nicaraguans.

We offer different types of classes: school classes and online classes.

Classes at the school consist of group classes  and private classes . This includes 4 hours of class per day, Monday through Friday, with a total of 20 hours of contact time. If you study for four weeks or more, there is a discount.
The online classes we offer is a package of 8 lessons , which includes the following:
didactic materials
Comments after each lesson
Tasks (yes, homework!)
Classes have no expiration date.
If you were interested in group classes, it is also possibleto organize them.

Each of our teachers uses a different methodology based on the student’s needs. Some classes focus primarily on conversation and even include special trips to markets, bus stations and coffee shops to implement the language. Other classes tend to focus more on grammar and give the student a strong “backbone” in Spanish. Each teacher works with their students to ensure that the best possible methodology is used for the interests and needs of that person.

If your time in Granada is very short, we also offer you a daily package to explore attractive and historical places in our beautiful city, such as the Convent of San Francisco, the tower of the church of La Merced, the cemetery, the municipal market and more All this while learning and applying conversational Spanish with one of our excellent teachers, this package takes place either in the morning from 8 am to 12 pm or afternoons from 1 to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, starting at Casa Xalteva.