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Our Spanish language program is the most politically and socially progressive in Mexico, with Regular and Special social justice programs focusing on a variety of themes.

Teaching Methodology

The instruction is customized to the learners’ needs and interest, and rooted in the Paulo Freire methodology, what is applied to the teaching of Spanish as a second language. Students contribute their insights and ask the questions necessary for critical analysis. We offer small, intensive classes at all levels, year-round, as well as several Special Programs every year focused on a particular issue or area of interest, which often include travel in the region.

All of our teachers are native speakers with professional and special training.

Student Needs and Cultural Understanding

CILAC Freire is small and our staff is able to attend to the needs of each student. Our goal is to promote dialogue between Mexico and the people of other cultures; in order to reach that goal, we make the experience of every participant our concern.

Why Mexico?

Mexico is a land of many struggles. For people who work in solidarity with Spanish speaking immigrants and wish to learn or improve their Spanish, CILAC Freire is an ideal environment. It is away from the tensions of the border. Also, Mexico is a portal to Latin America where more than 400 million people are Spanish speakers. The Latin American culture has an unimaginable richness in which different local cultures have a very vivid presence. Mexico shares a long border with the United States where more than 50 million people of Latin origin live. These peoples’ common historical roots have been tremendously important for the development of both countries. The Spanish language is the third most spoken language worldwide after English and Chinese. Spanish is quickly increasing, even in the countries where it isn’t the native language. To study the Spanish language today, is to be prepared for the future and to be culturally competent in a global society and workforce.

Mexican Spanish is widely used around the globe, with its pronunciation being that which is most spoken in the Hispanic world (norma Alfa*). That is why when studying Spanish in Mexico, we can assure our students the pronunciation they will need in order to communicate effectively.  

* * Avila, Raúl. De la Imprenta a la internet. La lengua española y los medios de comunicación masiva. Jornadas 148. El Colegio de México. 2006

Homestays with Mexican Families

Living with a Mexican family is an integral part of our program. It provides a unique experience to learn about the people, their food and their customs, as well as an incomparable opportunity for students to practice and refine their Spanish language abilities. All our families welcome LGBTQ students.

We welcome all students irrespective of nationality, ethnic origin, race, gender, sexual preference, or age.

Politics, Economics and Activism in Mexico

Today, as one of the three players in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and the site of the ongoing Zapatista rebellion, Mexico’s prominence in the global economic and political scene makes mutual understanding among Mexicans and peoples of different parts of the world more important than ever. With approximately 120 million people, Mexicans represent one quarter of the Spanish speakers in the world, making “Mexican Spanish” particularly important in terms of Spanish usage in the world.

 In addition to providing quality language instruction, CILAC Freire is committed to social justice issues.

Our commitment to dialogue and cross cultural exchange is rooted in our own activism in Mexico. As an organisation we are key supporters of the Don Sergio Mendez Arceo Human Rights Award for defenders of social justice and human rights in Mexico. In this year 2019, the 27th Don Sergio Mendez Arceo Human Rights Award, the winners are Teresa Catellanos Ruiz y Tequio Jurídico AC.

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