December 2021 Inside the Issue

Policy, Career, and Professional Development Update

English hegemony as an issue of justice 

Richard C. Benton Jr. argues that multilingualism is the birthright of all Americans

Read Inclusion

Jeanne Jeup explains how students with Dyslexia learn to read and how we can apply the science of reading to teaching all students

2022 Study Abroad Calendar

A guide to the major international education events in 2022

2022 Year Planner
Language Magazine presents the 2022 guide to conferences, workshops, grants, scholarships, and dates, brought to you by Scholastic and

Language without Borders

Fernando Rodríguez-Valls and Eduardo R. Muñoz-Muñoz unbox the separation of language translanguaging pedagogies


Language Magazine presents a selection of beautifully illustrated bilingual Spanish/English books to add sparkle to the holiday season