Gingrich rails Romney for Speaking French

A testament to the absurd lengths political campaigns go to soil their opponents’ reputations, the Newt Gingrich 2012 campaign has railed frontrunner Mitt Romney for… speaking French. The attack on Romney for his language skills comes at the end of the video, which aims to align Romney’s career and ideals with the Democratic party. He is likened to 2004 Democratic candidate, John Kerry: “And just like John Kerry, he speaks French, too.” Romney lived in France as a Mormon missionary and has French Language skills. Why Gingrich’s campaign would support and purchase a shamefully xenophobic and culturally-insensitive message is baffling to critics. Instead of making Romney look like a traitor for his French connection, Gingrich has made himself out to look like a Francophobe, calling into question his approaches to diplomacy and foreign relations.

To view the campaign video, click here.