Immigrant Heritage Month

ThinkstockPhotos-480098185Language Magazine is proud to support the 2nd Annual Immigrant Heritage Month Joining Nationwide Effort to Highlight Immigrant Impact on History and Future of America

Language Magazine has announced its support of the second-annual Immigrant Heritage Month, an initiative to partner community organizations, elected officials, corporations, artists, and thought leaders to gather and share inspirational stories of American immigrants. “Immigrants, their cultures, languages, and skills are America’s greatest resource,” claims Language Magazine editor Daniel Ward. “In our age of globalization, we have to recognize the value of our multicultural, multinational roots and ensure that immigrants, old and new, retain and share the skills, customs, and knowledge that they brought to this country so that all Americans can have a better understanding of the global village in which we live.”

Language Magazine is inviting its readers and followers to share their own immigration stories, publicize their heritage culture and language programs, and announce events through our network. Visit for details on how to submit information. Let’s celebrate our immigrant heritage! Visit for more information., a non-profit organization, is dedicated to celebrating a United States that is fueled by immigrants from around the world. Immigrant Heritage Month honors the ways in which America and the immigrants who have built our country are linked in a shared, productive history.