Mendoza is easy to reach from Santiago de Chile with a bus trip or airplane. You will have a glance to the mountains Los Andes with its peaks like the great Aconcagua (6.962 m – 22.840 ft), Tupungato and El Plata.

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Programs in Mendoza

Please let us know what gives you the desire to learn Spanish so we will be able to adapt the contents of your lessons or your program to your needs and expectations.

Here a few questions to think about when you write to ask for information or to register with us, we would like to know:

  • Did you have formal instruction in Spanish before? If so, when? For how long?
  • How long are you intending to learn Spanish this time?
  • What will be the use of the Spanish after this course?

(e.g.  to travel in South America,  to travel in Argentina / Chile, to study at the University, just for fun, you are a language teacher,  or perhaps … no intention at all!)

  • What is your priority in these lessons: written-grammar or oral-communication oriented? Or both?


What modality of learning suites best your needs?


The teacher adapts to your pace and learning rhythm in a dynamic interactive one-on-one environment. You may choose the timeline and place to best achieve your expectations.

Group Lessons

Small groups have advantages: You share experiences and form lasting relationships through interaction. There is a goal for each week to achieve in class.

Groups have max. 8 students. We don’t mix levels of Spanish.

If you were placed in a certain level of Spanish competence, even if you are alone, you will have lessons with the group price. Please note that in this situation it will be possible to have others join later in the class at later dates.


For one on one lessons please send us an email to

 Group lessonsPer week
 Max 6 students per group
Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 1 pm. 20 hrs per week
Prices per student
 USD 220

Lessons per skype

You choose your timetable and your location may be any place in the world. We decide together on the objectives of the course, we plan the course with you and begin working orally for at least one hour per week.

If you want, we can give additional materials and your expected “one hour on skype” results can be doubled!

You may ask for additional material on line for self study during or after your program or the course.

Special programs

Spanish for travellers

The goal is to function in Spanish during a trip. You learn through real situations typical for a traveller in South America

  • Greetings
  • Telling thanks and excurses
  • Pointing to objects, asking and answering
  • Directions: locate  places in the city
  • Describing habits and routines
  • Giving personal information
  • Understanding and using numbers: age, birthday, time, dates, etc.
  • Days of the week, months, seasons
  • Understanding and using prices (excursions and meals)
  • Alphabet and spelling
  • Ask and tell about origin, countries and languages
  • Ask and explain about work and job
  • Sports and leisure activities
  • Things in the town, shops and shopping
  • Speak about future plans
  • Refer to simple past events
  • Verbs in the simple and progressive  present tense – basics
  • Past perfect (pretérito perfecto)
  • Basic discourse markers to write messages

Short crash-courses

You only have a few hours or days? Perhaps only a Saturday?

Just tell us what is your goal and we work on it with you during the time you have; you will be prepared for what you need in the short period of time you have decided to devote to learning Spanish.

Spanish Courses on demand

Please challenge us! We can help you with preparation of examinations in Spanish (e.g. DELE, CELU, CEPE) , for school or at the university. We have prepared trips to Spanish speaking Africa and kids to assist in schools in Argentina. Just challenge us!

Programs for specifics purpuses

If you have already a basic Spanish and you want to apply your Spanish to an occupational or a special studies area, you can ask us for a Spanish course for a special purpose. We adapt ourselves and study hard and look for the right teacher to satisfy your needs! Different teachers depending on the subject you need are open to go deeper with you in any topic.

We offer the following four programs, if you want something different, please contact us.

Spanish for the Tourism Industry

The region is all year round an attraction for national and international tourism: the proximity to Santiago de Chile, the huge number of wineries, the Andes with its high mountains, a culturally interesting city, the desert and artificial irrigation systems attract many tourists to Mendoza.

If you work in a tourism agency, if you need to know the region from the point of view of a seller or a colleague in the Tourism Industry, we want you to learn special vocabulary on wine and olive culture, nature and sports in the mountains, types of accommodation in hotels and hostels, types of tourism and possibilities in the region.

The Spanish Course includes interviews with persons of the tourism sector.

Spanish and Winemaking

Mendoza is one of the most well-known wine regions in the world. Combine your Spanish Course with special lessons on winemaking and the wine industry. With a Spanish teacher you will visit the wine-museum and a winery per day.

Do you have a special interest in one particular winery or contact with a particular winemaker? Are you interested in wine importation in your country?

Let us know your special purposes in advance so we can make the arrangements to meet the persons you want to contact. The quotation for the whole program will depend on transportations and arrangements to visit wineries.

The expanding Argentine wine market makes this special program a good service for agricultural or commercially interested people. Anyway, if you enjoy drinking good wine, the visits and tasting sessions makes it a special service for you.

Spanish for Sports (Skiing, climbing, adventure tourism)

This course combines intensive Spanish for Sports in the classroom in the city of Mendoza: 20 learning hours in 3 days. And 4 days are devoted to tourism activities in Los Andes. Rafting, horseback riding, climbing and a full day tour to the foot of Aconcagua. This combination makes it a perfect program for tourists who want to learn Spanish and enjoy the region.

Regional Literature and Journalism

For this course you need a higher intermediate level of Spanish. You will meet a writer and a journalist of Mendoza: Mercedes Fernández She lived in Canada for many years and is an exquisite interlocutor .

You will receive an overview of South American literature and read selected masterpieces.

Regular courses during all the year

If you live in Mendoza or surroundings, you may assist in the centre or in our rooms in Luján de Cuyo to a regular course during a long period of time.

The rhythm of regular courses twice a week makes the lessons useful for ex-pats, volunteers, during an internship or for students who live in the region for a semester or two.

Cultural activities in Mendoza

We recommend having a look at Viví Mza’s Website

Mendoza is a culturally rich and always interesting capital in West Argentina.

If you want to know the surroundings of the city we can give the basic information and advice you need, either for tours, for car rental or for public transportation.

Cacheuta: 45 minutes from Mendoza city you can visit Cacheuta with Thermal Watercentre. It is worth to take the time to visit these places.

Don’t miss a trip to admire the Aconcagua (6.962 m – 22.840 ft), or in Summer to visit Volcán Maipo, a great adventure to see the local fauna (guanacos, choiques, zorros) and flora.

Cultural Coaching

As tourists or professionals abroad sometimes we become strangers to ourselves and don’t adapt easily when there are misunderstandings in the language, in the new environment or cultural differences of the workplace.

Cristina Isenrath offers her experience and intercultural knowledge to chat with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine with you. The goal of these conversations is to become aware of the situations that may cause awkwardness or the feeling of being out of place. Opening our minds on time may prevent a crisis or even an illness.

When there is a need of other professionals, the contacts of Cristina in the region may be useful.

Chacras and Luján de Cuyo

SP-SpanishCourses offers lessons in companies and private or group lessons in Chacras de Coria and Luján de Cuyo. Tell us where you are and we will go there!