January 2022 inside the Issue

A Two-Way Information Highway

Florencia Henshaw addresses the divide between

research-informed pedagogy and pedagogy-informed research

Visions of Change

Influencers share their thoughts on what they would like to see change in US education

over the next year and beyond

But You’re Not What We’re Looking For

Mary Romney-Schaab explores employment discrimination in English language teaching

Struggle, Growth, and Transformation in Online Teaching Environments

Elaine Oliveira and Randall Davis highlight five transformative innovations relevant

to teachers worldwide

What Does It Mean to Ask ‘How Does Ukrainian Compare with Russian?’

Ruslana A. Westerlund shares the consequences of linguistic subjugation in verse

Parent Engagement Reimagined

Russ Davis describes how highly diverse schools are leveraging technology to improve

communication and student outcomes

The Path to Learning a Language

Bay Collyns argues that whatever the language, the skills are the same

The Power of Storytelling

Nooshan Ashtari shares the joys and benefits of freestyle narratives