Spanish Teacher



    OPENING DATE: 01/19/17
    SALARY: $43,588.00 – $86,896.00 Annually

    CLOSING DATE: Continuous
    To create a quality intermediate school program by demonstrating proficiency in the California Standards for the Teaching Profession.

    Standard 1- Engaging and supporting all students in learning

    Standard 2- Creating and maintaining effective environments for student learning

    Standard 3- Understanding and organizing subject matter for student learning

    Standard 4- Planning instruction and designing learning experiences for all students

    Standard 5- Assessing student learning

    Standard 6- Developing as a professional educator

    1. Demonstrate knowledge of California Content Standards for subject area(s) assigned.

    2. Provide balanced instruction in the subject(s) assigned, utilizing the California Content Standards for that instructional area(s), and/or the course of study adopted by the Board of Trustees.

    3. Utilize district adopted instructional programs, strategies, and curriculum, including SDAIE strategies for English Language Learners.

    4. Provide appropriate intervention strategies to ensure the academic success of all students.

    5. Maintain high expectations for all students’ academic achievement.

    6. Implement the beliefs, mission statement, objectives, and parameters of the Strategic Plan, as adopted by the Board of Trustees.

    7. Develop and utilize lesson plans that implement the Oxnard School District Curriculum Maps, and reflect instruction in the California Content Standards appropriate to the grade level(s).

    8. Utilize technology in the classroom, as appropriate.

    9. Establish and maintain standards of pupil behavior needed to achieve a positive learning environment in the classroom.

    10. Establish and maintain a classroom environment conducive to student achievement.

    11. Communicate with parents to provide and explain information regarding social, academic, and behavioral progress of students.

    12. Administer, analyze, report, and utilize student assessments as prescribed by the district to provide an appropriate instructional program for all students.

    13. Support activities and events sponsored and approved by the district or school within the duty day.

    14. Collaborate with special education and other personnel to provide appropriate instructional programs and modifications for students, as necessary.

    15. Collaborate with colleagues to support and improve the instructional process at the school/district level.

    16. Adhere to school and district timelines/guidelines and working hours.

    17. Perform basic attendance accounting, inventory of student books and materials, and other record keeping as required.

    18. Participate in school and district level staff meetings and committees, as needed.

    19. Plan and coordinate the work of paraprofessionals if applicable.

    20. Supervise students in out-of-classroom activities (on campus and on field trips) during the assigned duty day.

    21. Participate in school and district plans to assure the safety of students.

    22. Participate in appropriate professional growth activities.

    23. Other duties as assigned by the site administrator to be performed within the duty day.

    1. A Bachelor’s degree

    2. A valid and appropriate California Teaching Credential in
    compliance with the provisions of Title 5, California Administrative Code Sections 80002-80127 and California Education Code, Sections 44000-44665.
    Single Subject Credential or Subject Matter Authorization for Spanish.

    3. Possess the following personal qualities:

    a. Ability to meet district standards for physical and mental health.

    b. Evidence of good moral character

    c. Satisfactory recommendations from training supervisors or other professionals who have observed the candidate’s personal characteristics, scholastic achievement and job related

    4. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the District may
    find appropriate and acceptable.

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