July 2022 Inside the Issue

French: En Pointe or à Point?

Heritage Spanish

Reggaetón Resources

Comical Teaching

Literacy Paths for Multilinguals

Using Comics to Teach

Suzanne Giacotto shows how reading and creating comics taps into how our brains learn more effectively

Literacy and la Vida

Fawzia Reza shares her experiences of Puerto Rico’s multifaceted approaches to biliteracy

Reggaetón Resources

Nina Schmidt offers samples of Spanish resources sure to get the whole class involved

Inherited Wealth

María Villagómez explains how heritage speakers can really benefit from studying Spanish in an academic setting

Spanish in Ambos Mundos

A selection of study abroad programs on both sides of the Atlantic


Kathy Stein-Smith shares the enduring presence and influence of French and Francophonie in the US

English Divide in Francophone West Africa

Mawa Samb offers solutions to the challenges created by teaching across a language divide

Unifying Language Acquisition with Literacy Instruction for Language Minority Students

Linnea Ehri, Ester de Jong, Kari Kurto, Joel Gómez, and Raúl Escarpio share their impressions on merging methodologies

The Importance of a Research-Based SEL Curriculum

Jazmine Franklin explains how the Center for Responsive Schools has developed a curriculum that supports a balance of academic, social, and emotional learning