June 2019 Inside the Issue

Going One on One Jeanne Beck and Katt Simms describe how Chromebooks are dominating the 1:1 English Learner landscape
Connecting the Community Tracey Smith makes integrating English language learners into her school’s community a lesson in empathy
The Bilingual Teacher Shortage: A Vicious Cycle Allison Briceño, Eduardo Muñoz-Muñoz, and Claudia Rodríguez-Mojica present reasons and suggest solutions for the chronic shortage of Spanish/English educators in California
Love, the Human EdTech for Diversity LeiLani Cauthen argues for the symbiosis of teacher connection and technological advancement
Why Does Reading Proficiency Stop Improving in High School? Gene Kerns offers solutions to the fact that students read less as they move through school
Exhibition Hall on a Page To coincide with the annual ISTE EdTech conference, Language Magazine is offering readers a two-dimensional glimpse of some of the sector’s latest offerings