Levi’s Book of Barnyard Animals / Chinese

Levi’s Book of Barnyard Animals

Levi’s Book of Barnyard Animals presents 21 different animals of the barnyard — bull, cat, chicken, cow, dog, donkey, duck, fox, goat, goose, horse, mouse, owl, pig, rabbit, rat, rooster, sheep, skunk, squirrel, and turkey.

The following list of words are Chinese (Zhong wén), in page order with the book.

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Ya 鸭

Ji 鸡

Gong ji 公鸡

Huo ji 火鸡

É 鹅

Gou 狗

Mao 猫

Shan yáng 山羊

Mián yáng 绵羊

Gong niú 公牛

Mu niú 母牛

Ma 马

Lü 驴

Zhu 猪

Song shu 松鼠

Lao shu 老鼠

Hú lí 狐狸

Chou you 臭鼬

Mao tóu ying 猫头鹰

Tu zi 兔子

Lao shu 老鼠