November 2019 Inside the Issue

Building on Historic Foundations Kathy Stein-Smith leverages heritage languages as pathways to increased language learning, international education, and global citizenship

French, Japanese, Spanish, German, and Arabic in the U.S. Carine Allaf, Maggie Mitchell Salem, Susanne Rinner, Sheri Spaine Long, Kathy Stein-Smith, and Suwako Watanabe report on the state of their respective languages in the U.S.

More Drama in the Classroom Florence K. Florens suggests using the stage to advise to “stop thinking of ourselves as language teachers” and to start considering ourselves as teachers through languages

Getting Kids to Listen Maggie McGuire explores how podcasts can be used to support early literacy education

Mastering Spanish Leanna Robinson recommends the Master of Arts in Teaching Spanish

Creating and Curating Digital Content for Class Chris Rush advises on the options for building your school’s digital library

A Is for AIRPLANE/Avión Estelle Mendoza Leisy makes the case for cognates for kindergartners from Spanish-speaking homes