November 2022 Inside the Issue

Multiliteracies and Multilingual Learners

Margo Gottlieb argues that our multimodal and multilingual society needs to reassess its definitions of literacy

Long Term Programs Suit Remote Workers

Leanna Robinson urges other remote workers to set sail and study abroad

Colombia, Tierra Querida

Lori Langer de Ramirez designs thematic units connected to place, perspective, and passion to inspire students

Creating Pathways for Lifelong Learners

Roger Burt and Nick Gossett offer examples of successful ways of using tests to encourage the school-to-college language pipeline

Program Models over Potluck

Ayanna Cooper emphasizes the importance of using instruction models that suit particular students but always believing in their potential for success

Educational Travel Is Back

Tina L. Falcione shows how to plan a stress-free international trip for your language students

How to Pass High School Mandarin

Christy Lao describes how a high school student not only passed but excelled effortlessly in three years of Mandarin class thanks to acquisition done outside of class