Speakeasy BCN

Sagrada Familia, Catholic church in Barcelona, Spain

One of Barcelona’s most reputable language schools, Speakeasy has built its success on a number of key principles. For example: at Speakeasy you’ll only find qualified native-speaking Spanish teachers, groups lessons are kept to a maximum of ten students, and in class you’ll practice the effective immersion approach (not as scary as it sounds!). Whether you’re a visitor in search of an extensive curriculum, or you’re living in Barcelona and need evening classes Speakeasy have a course suitable for you – from levels beginner to advanced.

Best of all the school is committed to offering the best prices in Barcelona, so as your Spanish improves you’ll still be left with plenty of euros for sampling the city’s legendary nightlife (if you are so inclined!). The school is located right in the centre of the city at Plaça Universitat. Check out their website for more info and prices.

Founded in 2001, Speakeasy Language School Barcelona is committed to be the best Spanish Language school in Spain. Our international staff and Spanish teachers guarantees high quality and good service.

We have proved that it is possible to offer quality Spanish classes at reasonable prices.


Barcelona Las Ramblas

Our Spanish courses are a combination of grammar, conversation and exercises, which are taught while covering a range of practical topics to build your vocabulary. Topics include subjects, such as meeting people, travel, accommodation, shopping, working, excercising, health, etc.

All our Spanish courses are immersion classes, which means that all the teaching and textbooks are in Spanish from the very beginning.

To see an example of a typical course structure for a week click here. This example is from the 4 hour a day beginners course and the file will open in a new window.

We offer a wide range of high quality Spanish courses at fair prices. Here you find an overview of all our Spanish courses.