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#BabiesCount in the 2020 Census

According to the Census Bureau, young children ages 0 to 4 are more likely to be undercounted by the 2020 Census than any other age group. By comparing the results of the 2010 Census with birth and death records, as well as estimates of immigration, the Census Bureau determined that young children...

COUNT ON ME: Complete the #2020Census to Help Inform Billions in Funding

One year ago, Language Magazine introduced COUNT ON ME: Campaign for an Accurate 2020 Census. The campaign was born out of a desire to help ensure that everyone, no matter where they were born or what language they speak, is counted and can continue to access the services they need.

Breaking Down the Wall

Margo Gottlieb offers a look at the other side of language education We approach 2020 with hindsight, insight, and foresight: hindsight in realizing the pervasive inequities that have dominated the education of multilingual learners, insight into recognizing substantive changes that are inevitable...
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