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Canada Calls for Bilingual Tweeting

Canada's Foreign Minister under fire for favoring English on social media. Canada’s chien de garde des langues officielles, or language watchdog, Graham Fraser, is investigating the Twitter account of Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird. The investigation seeks to determine if Baird’s tweets preserve the “spirit” of the Official Languages Act of 1969 that makes both French and English official languages....

Schools Consortium Calls for Bilingualism

According to a new "federal accountability framework" released by the forward-thinking Large Countywide and Suburban District Consortium, “Federal law should: A. Establish college and career readiness (CCR) as the goal for all students, recognizing that 21st century success requires student mastery of deep content knowledge; ability and fluency in more than one language; the ability to apply that knowledge...

Columnist Calls Language Learning Useless

In a recent column for the Washington Post, Why Waste Time on a Foreign Language?, Jay Mathews argues that "based on what actually happens in high schools, learning a foreign language often is a waste of time." Language Magazine staffer Kate Sommers-Dawes has responded in her own letter to the editor. Click here to read her response (registration may be required).
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