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The Amazing Case of El Biblioburro

Lori Langer de Ramirez uses the world language classroom to broaden students’ knowledge of geography and introduce concepts like social justice Language study can open a student’s eyes to social issues around the world. In rural Colombia, teacher and child advocate Luis Soriano brings books to students who have little access to them. Traveling to schools throughout La Magdalena with his...


Destinacíon Fantastico Colombia is a fantastic destination for students wanting to experience South America. Although it is still working to shake a bad reputation from its tumultuous political past, policies implemented over the last two decades have made the country very safe. Now is the time to discover all Colombia has to offer. Students who come to Colombia can choose to...


Colombia, at the northwestern tip of South America, has the third largest Spanish-speaking population in the world after Mexico and Spain. It is ethnically diverse, and the interaction between descendants of the original native inhabitants, Spanish colonists, African slaves and twentieth-century immigrants from Europe and the Middle East has produced a rich cultural heritage. This has also been influenced...
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