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Stressing Classy Communication

In a midsized school, a veteran second-grade teacher is working diligently with her students on a unit called Taking Shape. An aspect of Irene’s teacher craft that she values is getting to know her students, how their linguistic and cultural resources can enrich the class, and what fosters...

ELLs ‘Disconnected’ from Mainstream Content

Research that explores the relationship between school-district infrastructure in new-immigrant destinations and the marginalization of English-language learners (ELLs) in those districts shows that in many schools, the teaching of English as a second language (ESL) and the teaching of academic subjects are separated and disconnected, which can cause ELLs to fall behind academically. “Organizing Language Instruction in New Immigrant Destinations:...

Integrating Content and Language

Tania Ruiz presents educators’ impressions of the dual-language methodology sweeping Europe Similar to other bilingual education methods, the CLIL methodology (content and language integrated learning) is considered a model of good practice in Europe. It has been adopted by a large number of infant and primary schools in Spain, such as schools in the Bilingual Project in Madrid....
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