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Costa Rican Spanish

Like most places, Costa Rica has its own unique words, phrases, and uses of language, so even fluent Spanish speakers can learn something new ¡Pura vida! This is Costa Rica’s national motto and embodies the country’s attitude to life and the...


The ISLS Family Spanish Camp is the only one of its kind in all of Latin America. It is designed for parents who want their children, ages 2 to 17, to get something special out of their family vacation to Costa Rica. This camp is an enjoyable and educational way to accomplish that. We combine a number of different age...

Pura Vida Española

Kate Sommers-Dawes marvels at Costa Rica as a Spanish immersion destination Visit Costa Rica’s official tourism site and read its official slogan; “No Artificial Ingredients,” — a mantra of which you will not need reminding from the first moment you step foot in one of the country’s myriad waterfalls or stumble upon one of its one hundred plus species of brightly...
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