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Seeing Themselves in the Story

(March 2022) Ayanna Cooper asks Chanda Austin about the importance of diverse representation in children’s literature

The 3 Es of Using Translated Materials

Social–emotional learning (SEL) has gained traction in education over the last 20 years. Over the previous two years, it has held a prominent place...

After Whiteness III

(February 2022) J. P. B. Gerald, Vijay A. Ramjattan, and Scott Stillar share ideas on how the ELT industry could evolve if Whiteness were successfully decentered

But You’re Not What We’re Looking For

(January 2022) Mary Romney-Schaab explores employment discrimination in English language teaching

English Hegemony as an Issue of Justice

(December 2021) Richard C. Benton Jr. argues that multilingualism is the birthright of all Americans

Access and Equity through Clear Communication

Unclear, overly complex, or specialized language use can impede communication in a variety of societal contexts. It can limit accessibility to critically important government...

Make English Truly a World Language

(September 2021) Venice Irving and Anna Hearrell explain how cultural awareness can bridge the English divide

Debating the Digital Divide

Yaritza was suspended in seventh grade for punching a boy in the nose. He had called her a dull-witted donkey, not quite in those...

Young, Bilingual, and Black

(July 2021) Ayanna Cooper shows how fostering bilingualism and biliteracy works at Boston’s Toussaint L’Ouverture Academy

U.S. Department of Education Focuses on Equity

Last month, the U.S. Department of Education held the first installment of its Equity Summit Series, “Building Equitable Learning Environments in Our Schools.” The...
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