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ST Math by MIND Research Institute

Based on 20 years of neuroscientific research and the belief that every student has the potential to deeply understand and love math, ST Math® uses spatial-temporal games to present math concepts visually for students in grades pre-K–8. This patented approach leverages the brain’s innate reasoning abilities to solve math problems.

Game Giveaway for Teachers!

In honor of World Teachers’ Day, Goliath Games is giving away free prize packs of games. 5 winners will receive a 14-game prize pack – 7 games for their home and 7 for their child’s classroom. The giveaway ends on 10/31. Descriptions of the games are below: Sequence Letters, JAX Games (For 2-4 players, ages 4-7) https://www.jaxgames.com/sequence-letters-3/ Players sound out the letter on...
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