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Infants Capable of Complex Language Processing

A new study published in Cognition suggests that infants may have more advanced linguistic understanding than previously believed. Conducted by a team of researchers at the University of Edinburgh and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the study looks at how children aged 11-12 months old processed multi-word sequences—phrases like “clap your hands,” for instance. The results showed that children...

Study Links Toddler’s Screen Time to Slower Speech Development

Casual baby watching a mobile phone
In recent years, young children and toddlers have been increasingly exposed to handheld devices. It’s become commonplace to see babies playing games on tablets, smartphones, and other technological devices, rather than with wooden blocks and plastic toys. This has led researchers to wonder, do these devices affect toddlers in ways different than more ‘analog’ toys? Recent studies point to...

Infants, Words, and Income

Bjorn Carey reports on research showing that two-year-old children of lower-income families may already be six months behind in language development Fifty years of research have revealed the sad truth that the children of lower-income, less-educated parents typically enter school with poorer language skills than their more privileged counterparts. By some measures, five-year-old children of lower socioeconomic status score more...
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