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Getting Real with Translation & Interpreting

Two young women drinking coffee, talking in sign language. Deaf friends or couple communicating, having fun, pleasant conversation, sitting together
Caitilin Walsh suggests 11 resources to bring Translation and Interpreting to life in your online classroom In an educational landscape so dominated by talk of STEM—purportedly to prepare our students for technologically-influenced jobs—world language teachers are under constant pressure to defend their departments. This sits in stark contrast to the widening “global talent gap,” a term coined in a report from...

Tell California Lawmakers that Translators and Interpreters are PROFESSIONALS

CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS ONLY The Joint National Committee for Languages (JNCL) is asking all language professionals and business leaders to urge the state’s legislators to include a simple four-word amendment ("professional translators and interpreters") in the professional services exemption of AB 2257 to fix the exclusion and enable them to operate as the professionals that they are. Despite efforts made by the JNCL, other lobbyists and...
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