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Chimpanzee Lip-Smacks help Trace Evolution of Language

Chimpanzees produce lip-smacks at a speech-like rhythm of open-close mouth cycles, suggesting that speech-rhythm was built upon existing primate signal systems Chimpanzees grooming each other Credit: Catherine Hobaiter In the paper ‘Chimpanzee lip-smacks confirm primate continuity for speech-rhythm evolution’, published in Biology Letters, a consortium of UK-based researchers have...

Speech May Be Ten Times Older Than Previously Thought

Baboons communicating on beach
New research suggests that speech may not be dependent on the “descended larynx” which could mean that our ancestors were talking 20 million years ago Baboons raised in semi-liberty produce about ten vocalizations, associated with different ethological situations, that may be considered as proto-vowels, at the dawn of the emergence of speech. ©...

The Environmental Link to Language Evolution

According to new research by linguists from the University of New Mexico and Laboratoire Dynamique du Langage-CNRS in France, the characteristics of languages have a lot to do with the climate and topogrophy of the environment they emerged in. The study is a more in depth approach to analyzing why tonal languages seem to come from hot and humid...
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