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BBC launches Pidgin Portal

Afro women using tablet computer in the park
The BBC has launched a new online section that delivers news exclusively in Pidgin for West African audiences. Pidgin is a language spoken by over 75 million Nigerians. While the number of speakers is large, Pidgin offers unique challenges: it is a language without official spelling or grammar that is in constant flux. The portal is a huge step forward...

The Increasing Chinese Language Demand in Nigeria

In Lagos, Nigeria more students are learning Chinese as economic ties between the West African country and China strengthen. China's rapid economic expansion and the growth of a middle class meant a necessary turn to the African content to sustain an unprecedented demand for resources. China surpassed the United States as Africa's largest trade partner in 2009, with Nigeria...

First Chinese Degree in Nigeria

The inexorable rise of Chinese in Africa is continuing with Nigeria’s University of Lagos starting its first degree program in Chinese. At least 25 students have been admitted into the University of Lagos in south western Nigeria to study the Chinese language at degree level in the institution. Duro Oni, the university deputy chancellor in charge of management services, disclosed...
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